We help retail companies optimize
performance of their physical stores

What we do

We provide customized learning and training programs for retail employees in:

Max Retail - leadership


The practice of growing people and reaching business goals. The ability to recruit the right people and the ability to inspire, involve and expect high performance from each member of the team.

Max Retail - operations


The practice of executing and optimizing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks. This with the purpose of creating more time for the consumer - more time to lead and more time to sell.

Max Retail - sales


The practice of inspiring the consumers to buy. A team with the right attitude focused on delivering a unique consumer experience and exceeding sales targets.

How we do it

We combine a set of online and offline elements for our learning and training programs:

Max Retail - workshop


Max Retail - webinar


Max Retail - On The Job Training

On The Job Training

Max Retail - Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring Sessions

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MAX delivers SIMPLE principles and tools that works right away!
Dorthe Handberg - Partner, Kop & Kande Aarhus

Clients who trust us to deliver

Our commitments involve the role of a trusted business partner. Many of our new projects
come from existing customers - a partnership we strive to achieve with all our clients.

About us

We are dedicated retailers with a passion for people and processes. We are known for our ability to
contribute throughout the process of development, training and final execution in store. With a low-practical
approach we make things happen!

MAX – Retail Made Simple has a mission to narrow the following 3 gaps in the industry:


The fact that 70% of business strategies are not executed.

- Mckinsey & Co

The fast that most business trainings are a waste of money and time, because only a
microscopic fraction of training is ever put into practice and the hoped-for benefits obtained.

- David Maister

The fact that 95% of businesses believe that they are consumer focused. 80% of these
businesses believe they deliver a unique experience to their consumers. Only 8% of
consumers are experiencing the same.

- Bain & Company

Our collaborators

We work with a selected list of collaborators to secure the best solution for any
project. We are always open and looking to add more collaborators to the list.

Contact us

To learn more about our services and industry expertise or to have a MAX consultant contact you directly, please use the contact info below or fill in the form.

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